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16 Jul Cali Kulture's Guide on Customer Orders, Deliveries, Employee Leave, Federal Laws, and Loans: Operating A Smoke Shop During COVID-19
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As COVID19 continues to spread in the United States, your store may experience significantly less foot traffic. Or even worse, your store may have to close due to a government-mandated shutdown.How do you adapt to these changing times?There are several potential solutions:Many states with lockdowns permit carryout. If your smoke shop/vape store/CBD..
13 Jul Quick Sales Guide for MTL and DTL Customers
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You run a vape store. You have a good grasp of all products in the industry. One of the main questions a lot of customers may have is what sort of vape they should buy?Your customers might come in asking for either an MTL or DTL device. However, it is more likely that most customers, especially new papers, will not know what MTL or DTL means.If you..
09 Jul Vape Pod Mods: Cali Kulture's Top 3 Safe Picks
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Vape Pod mods/kits/devices are the new standard for vaping. As the Federal government has banned disposable cartridge vapes, stores are scrambling to stock up on the more traditional vape pod devices. What are some advantages of pod vapes vs. tank devices?Customers favor pod devices primarily portability.They are smaller than traditional mods and u..
08 Jul Avoid Synthetic CBD: Our Top 3 Best Selling CBD Flower
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CBD is a volatile market. It is profitable, but due to it being an unregulated product there is a glut of products that contain adulterants and poor-quality hemp. Even worse, some brands use synthetic CBD that gets customers "high" and the FDA has declared harmful. With the CBD market booming every day there are new companies selling sub-par no..
02 Jul The Best Puff Bar Disposable Vape Alternatives
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THE BEST PUFF BAR DISPOSABLE VAPE AlternativesPuff Bar is an industry-standard for disposable devices. However, with its success, Puff Bar struggles to keep up with demand, and counterfeits have flooded the market. Further complicating matters, anti-vaping organizations have used the company as a target in their campaign to ban disposables after th..
01 Jul Expectations vs. Reality - What It Really Means to Sell CBD Products
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The CBD market is a multibillion-dollar boom growing exponentially.However, it is not as simple as stocking your store to raise sales, and you already know this. You have run businesses in various fields for many years. You do your research and make calculated risks and investments. Just staying alive in the smoke shop retail business for a few yea..
10 Jun Future Profit Leaders In Vape Retail
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New products can be scary. Most frankly are poor quality.We understand that not every retail store has the time nor finances to painfully vet hundreds of thousands of items only to find a few quality items.We at Cali Kulture want our customers to succeed. Running parallel to our Safe Bets campaign we are happy to announce another series o..
10 Jun Safe Bets: Cali Kulture's Best Selling Products
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Owning a vape store can be brutal.It is a high-risk and competitive business. In order to stay relevant, retailers rush to stock innovative high-quality products. However, with products released daily, reviewing each one is impossible. After all, you have a store to run. But the pressure is still there when your competitor two minutes away already ..
10 Jun Cali Kulture's FAQ on COVID-19, PPE, and KN95
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Updated 7/7/20COVID-19’s unprecedented pandemic ravages the world.People are beginning to realize the importance of protecting against possible infection and are googling PPE at a historic rate.We realized how vital wearing masks keep the infection and mortality rate low in South Korea and Japan.Many stores and hospitals are struggling to keep stoc..
09 Jun State and Federal Bans on Vaping 2020
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Red: Full ban on flavored e-juice, disposables, etcYellow: Partial bans or full bans being seriously consideredUPDATED 9/9/20Federal and State Vaping BansNavigating the legal space for operating a vape store can be perilous. The laws are constantly changing at the federal, state, and local levels. This is by no means replacement for formal legal ad..
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