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Air Factory PyriSalt E-Liquid 30mL - Mango

Air Factory PyriSalt E-Liquid 30mL - Mango
Air Factory PyriSalt E-Liquid 30mL - Mango

Mango by Air Factory Mango PyriSalts captures the tropical notes of sweet succulent mangoes dripping with nectar, infusing the mellow taste with powerful nicotine salts.

Pyrisalt is a premium nicotine salt scientifically designed to deliver ultimate flavor, so customers consistently get the most out of their vaping experience.  PyriSalt’s chemists have mastered maximizing quality at a molecular level using a refined and balanced recipe. With an optimized balance of organic acid and well-sourced USP-verified nicotine, customers get an ultra-smooth flavor with no harshness.

Bottle Size: 30ml bottle

Available in: 35mg, 50mg

PG/VG: 50/50

Bottle Size 30mL
Nicotine Strength 18mg, 36mg

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