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Made of only the highest quality leather, this aluminum handle hose is easy to hold and gives off a classy feel...
Light up your night with the MYA Blaze! Available in four different styles and eight different colors, this 24” Chrome hookah is equipped with a drop in  brass stem that can be modified to accommodate up to 4 hoses. Each Blaze features an LED tea light that illuminates the solid color glass bas..
The Mya Econo QT is a high quality, low-cost alternative to the QT Mya Hookah. At 13″ tall, Mya Econo QT features various colors, molded aluminum stem, classic glass base and comes in a round black basket. Mya Hookah strives to provide quality at a competitive and fair price. All Mya QT hookahs can ..
 The “Petite” Mya Hookah is a durable and stout hookah (8") that is perfect for on the go use.  The kit includes a matching leather hookah hose and tobacco burner...
Invented in the 1300s, the hookah is based in centuries of tradition. MYA’s Bijou classic pays homage to the powerful and mystical Egyptian culture. Much as the ancient Egyptians etched hieroglyphics to record myths, records, and history, we know the BIJOU makes a lasting impression. This micro hook..
MYA Hookah 13" Econo Gelato 1 Hose MYA Hookah 13" Econo Gelato 1 Hose
The MYA Econo Gelato is an affordable high quality mini hookah. It features a molded aluminum stem and classic glass base that in cotton candy colors and a gelato scoop shape. MYA commits to manufacturing high quality and fairly priced hookahs. It comes with a Mya Hookah box with handle, tongs and m..
This MYA Bambino hookah is as much a decorative piece of art as it is a quality hookah. The MYA Bambino is 12 inches tall, very stable for its size and delivers a smooth and relaxing smoking experience. The Mya Bambino is designed with a beautiful solid color glass base supported with a cloisonné st..
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