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Pachamama Sub-ohm Salt E-liquid 60mL - Icy Mango
Pachamama's Icy Mango blends mango nectar with a cooling menthol bite. Includes:60mL Unicorn Bottle70/30 VG and PG ratioMade in US(suitable for sub ohm tanks)..
Pachamama's Mango Pitaya Pineapple combines juicy mango, exotic pitaya, and tangy pineapple for a tropical topical experience.60mL per glass bottleDropper tip 70/30 VG and PG percentageMade in the US..
Pachamama's Strawberry Guava Jackfruit layers tart strawberry, sweet guava, and bold jackfruit that customers will love. Made in the US.Includes:60mL glass bottledropper top70/30 VG and PG ratio..
Pachamama's Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry blends tangy blood oranges, sweet banana, tart gooseberries that brighten the palate. Made in the USAIncludes:60mL Unicorn Bottle80/20 VG and PG ratio..
Pachamama's Peach Papaya Coconut Cream meld a silky coconut cream base with sweet peaches, and buttery papaya that creates a contrasting sweet fruity inhale and creamy exhale.Made in the USIncludes 60mL Glass BottleDropper top70/30 VG and PG ratio..
Pachamama's Raspberry Yuzu synthesizes tangy passion fruit, tart raspberries, and citric Yuzu. Made in the USIncludes 60mL Unicorn Bottle80/20 VG and PG ratio..
Pachamama's Huckleberry Pear Acai blends crisp pear and bittersweet acai berry to create a customer fan favorite.Made in the USIncludes:60mL glass bottletop dropper80/20 VG to PG ratio..
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